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Glen Davis Electric Service has the objective to provide unsurpassed consumer service as a Boone, North Carolina residential electrician. We are right here to answer any concerns you could have and when you select us for your task needs, we will strive to make sure that you are completely pleased with our services. As always, every job is completed with customer goals and objectives in mind.

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Many instances of power interruptions in your house can be fixed without the demand of a professional electrician as the large majority of such interruptions may be due to a tripped breaker or a tripped GFCI.  In such cases when these interruptions are accompanied by a burning odor or a sizzling or crackling noise, call Glen Davis Electrical Boone, NC in order to assess any damages that could have occurred.  [Click here to learn more about generators.]


Things to Check Before Calling Glen Davis Electrical Boone, NC:


Circuit Breakers
Among the simplest things to do is to flip the breaker. Even if they seem in the on position, flip them off and flip them back on. This can help to get the system’s power up and running. Make certain to locate the proper breaker in the right panel. They should be labeled for you.

If one breaker is flipped, reset it. In many cases, you can reset all the breakers. Doing so will offer you with the best opportunity to get power back to the outlet or appliance. If there are neighboring unmarked breakers, flip those also; as they might be partially to blame for the power failure. Make sure to turn them off completely before resetting them.


GFCI Outlets
In some cases, it is not the power entering the outlet but the outlet itself that is triggering the trouble. If the outlet is a GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, it works like a mini-breaker itself and switches off when there is a danger of a rise occurring. These prevail in areas where there is water present such as the kitchen area and washroom, however they can be found anywhere. To reset them, push the red button on the GFCI outlet. You could have to do this on all outlets in a space if they are all not working.


Simple Things Happen
In other circumstances, the basic things trigger the home appliance or component not to work. Did you check to make sure the light bulbs were not burnt out? You could have to replace the components on the home appliance or gadget as opposed to in the home.  Often, the motor or various other components to the appliance or device are not working.  To find out, plug the product into an additional outlet to see if it begins working.


Glen Davis Electrical Services of Boone, NC specializes in the following type of work:

  1. Any size remodel work
  2. Landscape lighting
  3. Under cabinet lighting
  4. Pendant lighting
  5. LED lighting
  6. Low-voltage ambiance lighting
  7. Fixture installation
  8. Chandelier lifts
  9. Mount flat screen TV’s
  10. Recessed cans
  11. Service calls/Trouble shooting
  12. Appliance installation
  13. Install roof ventilators/attic fans
  14. Doorbells
  15. Ceiling fan installation
  16. Heat/AC hookup
  17. Generator installation/hookup
  18. Service change-out
  19. Home inspection corrections
  20. Step lighting
  21. Swimming pool/spa connections
  22. Lamppost installation
  23. Heated floors
  24. Vanity lights
  25. Whole house surge protectors
  26. Dimmer switches
  27. Air switches
  28. Install TV & phone cabling
  29. New construction wiring
  30. Flood lights
  31. Floor boxes
  32. Change devices
  33. Whirlpool tub
  34. Trenching/underground wiring
  35. Dedicated circuits (dishwasher, disposal, hood fan, range, wine cooler, under cabinet refrigerator, warming drawer, microwave, etc)


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